SM Design Studio in collaboration with David Raffoul

Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder. Beauty today, as perceived to us by the media is reduced to skin and bones. To the grotesquely skeletal. To “super models”. To their size zeroes. To the waist line on a 12 year old. To the Anorexic."LEMONADE" is a dining room table for those "beautiful people". A standard dining room dimensions have been reduced to its skin and bones. To the bare necessary. To a mirrored stainless skeleton on which only lemonade and cocaine can be placed, drunk and sniffed. All the while giving them the pleasure of watching themselves in process. The chairs became a size zero to adapt to the anorexic waist. And the only thing that contrasts are the table's legs, grounding the gravity of the phenomenon back to reality with their solid mass.

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