Step by Step Collection for House of Today

Exhibition under the theme of "confessions".

Whether it's brushing your teeth, robbing the cookie jar, retrieving confiscated toys, or just being able to look your childhood bully in the eyes, going about every day’s routine tasks can be frustrating, when you just aren't tall enough. As you grow older, you might've grown a good meter, or two, but some, like myself, don't grow that much of a privilege. And here’s my confession to you:  It seems that my gigantesque world didn't really change much, I still need a step up life's ladder. Now let’s be honest for a moment, no matter your size or height, you always seem to need that extra foot or two to facilitate every day’s life. That one step up gets the job done in record time.
I chose to design a series of stepladders that can escort you in every chapter of your life.

  • PROMENADE, small elephants to entice young children to step it up a notch. To be tall enough to fit into this grown up world. They‘ll take them en promenade wherever they feel like it.
  • NABIHA, inspired from my grandmother’s stepladder. The one she couldn’t get past the day without using it in her kitchen, the one we couldn’t but to sit on for hours to drool while watching her cook yummy meals; the one that became a trademark painted on her grandchildren’s memories, especially mine.
  • PLAY WOOD, a laser cut plywood panel that will put you in the artisan’s shoes for a moment.
  • SCALE, a stainless steel and brass ladder that fits the modern homes to assist in simple yet necessary chores; whether to change light bulbs or just to explore those ceiling high bookshelves, everyone needs a stepladder at home to overcome this very domestic annoyance.
  • STRIPES, a retractable 3 in 1 stepladder for ease of storage and practical functionality as it can be used as a stool.
  • PIT STOP, the revisited “tabliyeh” gives you an alternate function. Though it sounds ironic, it actually helps you rest – a long awaited, well deserved rest.
    Sometimes amidst life's speedy climb, you should stop, sit down and smell the roses.

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